Trailblazer Support

The Department for Education and NHS England have made funding available to develop a new programme to help improve children and young people’s mental health by creating new Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) within schools. These teams help children and young people with mild to moderate mental health needs and provide training and support for school staff.

Northumberland was chosen as one of twelve Trailblazer sites to pilot this new programme. Initially it was delivered in the Blyth and Hexham areas, which has now been expanded to include Ashington and Bedlington (2020-2021). The hope is that, funding permitting, there will be an opportunity to expand across the county.

If you are a Trailblazer school then you can meet the teams and find out about training events for professionals here. This includes support for Senior Mental Health Leads (SMHLs) in Trailblazer schools.

Information about the team and work offered can be found on the Be You Padlet. Requests for work in the trailblazer areas (Hexham, Blyth, Ashington and Bedlington) can also be made via the padlet. Be You (