Exam Stress

First of all, learn to recognise the signs of stress. These might include:

  • worrying constantly

  • struggling to sleep

  • getting headaches or feeling unwell

  • not being able to enjoy things anymore

  • having negative thoughts about the future.

Things you can do to make the exam period more manageable:

  • talk about what is happening – confide in those closest to you, who are all there to offer support and encouragement

  • stay healthy – do not skip meals and try to make sure that your diet is balanced and healthy nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well

  • take regular breaks – listen to music, go for a walk, chat with friends

  • get enough sleep – establish a routine, turn off social media, do not drink caffeine before you go to bed.

Remember that pressure isn’t always a bad thing – it can make you perform better. If you feel overwhelmed, however, then you need to think of ways to make your situation more manageable.

Where to go for help and advice: