My Gender and Sexuality

Your gender identity is how you describe your gender. For example, you might say you are non-binary, or transgender, or something different. Remember that your gender identity is your decision and is also about how you want others to refer to you: ‘she’, ‘him’, ‘they’ or something else, for example. For more information about different terms and gender identities, visit Stonewall.

You might explore your gender at any point in your life, or continuously throughout your life, but it is common to do so during puberty when your hormones are changing and you’re exploring lots of different parts of who you are.

Being discriminated against or bullied because of your gender can have a big effect on you. It can make you feel lonely, anxious or like you’re different. It’s never okay to be bullied or discriminated against and if it happens it’s not your fault.

Where to go for help and advice: