Problems at School

School brings many challenges which can affect your mental health. From exam stress, tricky relationships, problems concentrating, bullying or finding schoolwork difficult – we all face different problems at school from time to time.

Going through problems at school can knock your confidence, which can stop you from sharing your ideas in class, affect your motivation and cause stress and anxiety, as well as physical symptoms such as stomach aches and headaches.

If school is starting to have an impact on your day to day activities such as getting ready in the mornings or having lunch with your friends and there is something you are worried about, talk to a trusted adult such as your parent, carer or a teacher about it.

Remember to spend time with people you feel comfortable with. Spending time with your family and friends outside of school can really help.

Where to go for help and advice:

Your GP is always there to help you get the support you need. Find out how to talk to your GP about how you are feeling, read more.