Being discriminated against or bullied can have a big effect on you. It can make you feel lonely, anxious or like you’re different. It’s never okay to be bullied or discriminated against and if it happens it’s not your fault.


  • Your sexuality is the way you describe sexual, emotional and physical feelings or attractions you have towards another person. You may be attracted to people of the same gender or different gender, or you might not experience sexual attraction at all. These are all things which make up your sexuality - it is not just about who you have sex with.

  • There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in terms of sexuality; it is simply about how you personally identify and experience attraction. For a list of terms that are commonly used to describe a person’s sexuality click here.

How you describe your sexuality is completely your choice based on what feels right for you. If others do not respect this or you feel confused about your own sexuality then seek advice and support.

Where to go for help and advice: