Suicidal Feelings

However bad you may be feeling right now, there is support out there and you are not alone. Many people have had feelings of suicide and with help they have got through it.

You may have intense feelings of sadness which might make you feel as though the only solution is to end your life. It is possible to come out on the other side of this and with the right help and support you will start to feel okay again.

Don’t suffer in silence. You deserve help and you will find that life is worth living. Share your worries with someone you trust who might help you tackle your problems. If you feel like there’s no one you can speak to there are confidential helplines like the Samaritans, and safe online forums like The Mix where you can get support from trained people who care and want to help you.

Although it may seem daunting, speaking to your GP about how you are feeling can be the first step in getting the right support and treatment and you can do this confidentially.

Where to go for help and advice:

Your GP will be able to refer you to the local specialist services available.

What Help is Available?:

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  • SAM: Self-help for Anxiety Management
  • Well Mind
  • Daylio
  • NHS apps
  • Headspace