Meeting New People

Establishing new friendships is just as important to your wellbeing as maintaining those that already exist. Meeting new people can, however, be nerve-wracking for some. If you feel anxious to the point where you do not attend an event or attend but do not join in, then think about talking to someone you already know and trust about your feelings. Remember, the trade-off is potentially whole stack of new and interesting people and conversations if you can combat those nerves.

How to widen your social network:

  • join a sports team

  • join an after-school club

  • create a club of your own

  • volunteer to help a local charity/campaign.

How to manage a new social situation:

  • attend an event with an existing friend in the first instance

  • smile and make eye contact - the more approachable you appear then the more likely it is that people will feel comfortable talking to you

  • notice, use and remember people's names - this makes others feel noticed and they are therefore more likely to engage in conversation with you

  • start conversations - chat about things that are familiar to you and you feel comfortable sharing

  • be yourself - you will feel more confident and relaxed; others are more likely to feel relaxed talking to you.

If you are nervous about making new friends then Childline has some advice/support that may help you, find out more here.