Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationships are those in which do not feel comfortable or are unable to be yourself. This might occur in a friendship, a romantic relationship or within your family unit. Although you might feel powerless in a situation like this, it is important that you reach out to get the support/help you need. You might be experiencing verbal, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, none of which is acceptable.


  • you are not to blame for being treated badly

  • you deserve to be treated with respect

  • you deserve a safe and happy life.

Where to go for help and advice:

childline.org.uk -
free confidential advice and support for all young people up to 19 years old on a variety of topics, including healthy and unhealthy relationships

rapecrisis.org.uk -
if you are a girl who is experiencing rape, sexual abuse or sexual assault you can get help, information and support from trained female support workers

mensadviceline.org.uk -
if you are a boy who is experiencing abuse, you can speak to trained advisors, who can offer you emotional support and practical advice

galop.org.uk/domesticabuse -
for all members of LGBT+ communities, who are experiencing issues with domestic violence and abuse

thinkuknow.co.uk -
if a partner has asked you to do something online that you don’t feel comfortable with; offers advice to young people on sex, relationships and staying safe online.

If you or someone else is in immediate danger then call 999.

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